O Mayeux





A mode of language art that Tam Blaxter & i are tentatively dubbing poesy and which i have been also calling pœsiecræfte/poesycraft or lēoþcræfte/leethcraft. This mode or genre or practice is quite ill-defined now, but probably best described in conservative terms as an intertwining of very old and very new ways of writing. For example, my forthcoming chapbook blends txtspk, Middle & Old French, Middle & Old English, weird (pseudo)etymological (re)constructions of words, &c. Others working approximately in this mode include Tam Blaxter, Jos Charles (in feeld), Julian Talamantez Brolaski (in gowanus atropolis & seq.), Caroline Bergvall (in Middling English see esp. her essay on this subject). I really find this an illuminating, deep, fun way of writing that finds a quiet, rare balance between thinking and feeling.

Working title: VOA
A chapbook of poetry in Louisiana Creole (under review).

Work in progress. Computationally generated and procedurally edited poetry. Collaborator is SU17, an artifical intelligence who uses Markov chains and a treetagger to cut up and re-construct a corpus of all the poems i've ever written. I then sew them up according to specific constraints (e.g. max. 1 lexical substitution per poem; only inflectional morphology may be modified) in an effort to recover some semantics where desirable.
- Early output published as "DECOLONIAL" in CuratedAI.

Work in progress. Navigation module for interdimensional linguistic anthropology (1 x 0.5 metres of medium-density fibreboard and some black marker pens); Lexicon and a most delicate grammar forthcoming.


2018. Artefacts, Post-Asemic Press.
- Book trailer on the Post-Asemic Press website.
- Featured at Michael Jacobson's The New Post Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing.
- Featured at Corry Shores's Pirates & Revolutionaries.
- Interview and extract in We who are about to die, Ottawa Poetry Newsletter.
- A note on Artefacts on SJ Fowler's blog.

2019. One forthcoming.

Poetry and language art

2018. One forthcoming in an anthology.

2018. My skeleton acquires language, NILVX II(I): Divine Androgyne

2018. Vessel, reprinted in Eyewear's 50 Best New British and Irish Poets

2018. AKRON, Strange Horizons.

2018. Untitled (from λalien), Angry Old Man 2.

2018. Two poems, MockingHeart Review 3:1.

2017. Three poems anthologised, Vine Leaves Literary Journal vignette collection.

2017. Untitled (from λalien), h&.

2017. Corpus, The Kindling 3.

2017. Three ways out, upbeyondtheworld.

2017. DECOLONIAL (extract from Suture), CuratedAI.

2016. He who has come into being by himself, NASA mission OSIRIS-Rex. This will land on the Asteroid 101955 ‘Bennu’, take a sample (2018), return this to Earth (2023) before finding a resting place in orbit around the Sun (you can see many cool co-passengers here).

2016. Portfolio of seven poems, Assaracus 22.

2015. analphabète, Manual Oracle Review. See also Jack Westmores fun essay about this.

2015. Untitled (from Dream Sequence), Footnotes.

2015. (with Jack Westmore) Eine Festschrift für Benbär, Notes 25.

2015. several moved color, Rain, Poetry, & Disaster Society 2:2. This was also featured in my We who are about to die interview in Ottawa Poetry Newsletter..

2014. P. Orientalis, Notes 21.

2014. sleepsong in five parts, Notes 19.

2013. Two poems, The Cadaverine.