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This is a pilot webpage for the proposed project currently called Kokodri 🐊 Kolèksyon kréyol - documentation, revitalization, investigation. Kokodri 🐊 is a long-term project to create an open-access, collaborative repository of Louisiana Creole which is accessible scholars, language-learners, and the interested public. More detailed information and ideas can be found in this short presentation (15 June 2021).

Kokodri 🐊could include some basic text processing tools, e.g. concordance search across texts, dictionary look-up and cross-reference, lemmatization and part-of-speech tagging. The infrastructure would be designed so that new texts could be added to Kokodri 🐊 in plaintext format and then automatically analyzed, tokenized, tagged, lemmatized, etc. In this way, many texts can be submitted using one workflow with no need to create multiple standards or versions of the same texts.

Importantly, Kokodri 🐊 would be a collective effort, with collaborators working together to make their own sources available and to create an open-access archive for future work. This could include linguists, folklorists, language learners, creative writers, musicians and more. New functionalities and tools could be added over time. Texts, transcriptions and recordings could be cited as if they are 'published by' Kokodri 🐊 in the format Fieldworker. YYYY. Title (ID). Accessed through Kokodri at URL/ID, e.g. "Fortier, A. 1895. Néléphant avec baleine (FO T1). Accessed through Kokodri at URL/FO_T1".


Texts are organised according to the abbreviations first presented in Valdman et al.'s Dictionary of Louisiana Creole. This pilot webpage only has a few texts available in plaintext. Currently only texts highlighted are available to download, only as .txt format with UTF-8 encoding. These are also listed at the dropdown menu in the site header. Links point to a directory of individual files for easy downloading. Web versions could be created if there is interest.

  1. BD Broussard 1942

  2. BI Bienvenu 1933

  3. DU Durand 1930
  4. /added 2022-05-11
  5. FOTn Fortier 1895 Text n
  6. /added 2022-05-11 Note: Currently not divided into individual texts.
  7. FO1887 Fortier 1887

  8. GC1 Cable 1886a

  9. GC2 Cable 1886b

  10. JR Jarreau 1931

  11. KB Krehbiel 1962

  12. LA Lavergne 1930

  13. ME Mercier 1881

  14. ME90 Mercier 1890

  15. ME91 Mercier 1891

  16. PE Perret 1931

  17. Tn Neumann 1987 Texte n
  18. /added 2022-05-11 Note: Currently only T1-T9 are available.
  19. TN Tinker 1935

  20. TP Trappey 1916
  21. /added 2022-05-11
  22. WO Wogan 1931
  23. /added 2022-06-15 Note: Currently pdf only available
In addition to the above, many other texts are available or are becoming available, e.g. more texts from Neumann (1987), fieldwork by Klingler/Wendte/Mayeux/etc. These could also be added to Kokodri 🐊 where they would have their own code for easy reference. Here are two examples of two other texts:
  1. *AR Rouquette 1878
  2. Shanteur Mokeur/added 2022-06-15
  3. *CT Thierry 1874
  4. from Regrets d’une vieille mulâtresse, ou Désespoir de Sainte Fouéron/added 2022-06-15


Currently this site is maintained by Oliver Mayeux to whom any queries should be directed at ofm23 аt cam dot аc dot uk. The website is hosted on the servers of the Language Creation Society but would move to dedicated hosting elsewhere. All material here is in the public domain but future licenses may change, depending on the texts added.

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